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Buy words for your friends

Buy words for your friends

We’ve introduced the ability to buy words for your friends.

  • Treat a loved one to a word and link it to a photo on Flickr
  • Say thanks to a client by buying a word for their website
  • Link a word to their Myspace, Facebook or Bebo page

On the checkout page simply tick the checkbox that says ‘Tick here if you are buying this word as a gift for someone’, then enter their email address rather than your own. Simple.



4 Responses to “Buy words for your friends”

  1. Hiya guys,

    Fantastic site, great idea, lovely design. Stole some of your words today, well had to buy them of course: me, see & design.

    I will be passing out the url to my entire address book!

  2. Thanks Terri!

  3. Just an update, our mailto design website linked from the work ‘design’ got 110 hits yesterday! Our average is 12. Thank you, its the best £3.10 I have spend on advertising ever!

  4. Terri that’s fantastic. We’re really interested in knowing how buying a word affects your traffic.

    Anyone else see their traffic increase after buying a word?

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