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What a morning

What a morning

We awoke this morning at 5am to find our email inboxes completely inundated with emails. Daring Fireball mentioned our site this morning and so many people have visited the site and bought words! Thank you so much everyone!

A few of the companies we really admire have bought some words.

Some examples

So at the minute we are trying to answer all your emails. Thanks again to everyone who’s bought a word, we’re very excited.

Paddy and Lee

6 Responses to “What a morning”

  1. I bought two words after seeing the BWP on Daring Fireball…
    “Nonprofit”: and “Nonprofits”: == “Donor Tools”:

    Fun stuff!

  2. Bummer, no Textile. Sorry about the textile gibberish above.

  3. the best craic ever, drinkin a carryout with your mates, and buying words!! fantastic!

  4. I’ve bought “strange”. I thought the price was right, and what the hell, if it’s good enough for Lego…

    May I make a suggestion? It would be nice if http://thebigwordproject/ redirected to the site that bought , or to the “buy this word” page otherwise. I think that would make selling words easier. Just my 10p.

  5. Hey great project guys!

    This thing is going to go viral real soon then it’s going to fly. I really think this will hit the market same as Mill. Wiki. and in a few months from now scripts will be sold all over. :)

  6. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the support,

    We want to primarily promote the words already sold thats why the homepage has 50 random bought words instead of being a ‘buy this word’ page.

    Thanks again everyone!

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