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2008 March

Irish News video interview

Aislinn Hagan interviewed us for The Irish News video player on Friday (28th March 2008).
This was our first video interview so was great fun to do and we think it’s came together really well.
You can check out the video here.

Word of the day
Interview -an occasion on which a journalist or broadcaster puts a series of […]

The Big Word Project featured in The News Letter

Page 5 of today’s (27th March 2008) paper features an article on The Big Word Project. The News Letter is another local paper to pick up on the project and we’re very thankful for their support.
You can check out the article here.
Word of the day
Newsletter - a bulletin issued periodically to those in a particular […]

Project featured in Irish News

Simon Doyle has featured us in The Irish News education section on Monday 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day). Click the thumbnail below to read the article. Thanks Simon.

Word of the day
Googol - Equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred

Raccoons and other great sites

First of all Happy belated St Paddy’s day! Hope you all celebrated in style. Here’s a glimpse of what we got up to. We’re still recovering… And yes Paddy’s beard is green.

We look through all the websites submitted to The Big Word Project and here are a few that have caught […]

Interview with Belfast Beat magazine

We were interviewed by Mary McCaffrey from The Beat, “Belfast’s longest running and best loved free entertainments magazine”. It was a pleasure talking to Mary and we appreciate the magazine’s support.
Read the article by clicking it below or you can read the full magazine.

Photo-shoot for Wired magazine

We recently had an interview with Mathew Honan [mat] from Wired magazine. All went well and we’re looking forward to seeing the interview publicized.
Photo-shoot and award
In the mean time, Wired sent over a couple of photographers (James and Stuart) to take our photos, which was a good experience. They also sent some sort of award […]

We love web standards (and so do these guys)

If you’re an ubergeek like us, you’ll know about web standards. Here’s a couple of web standards compliant sites that we like.

Badass - Bad Ass Ideas
Sushi - Jina Bolton
Icon - Icon Factory
Wish - Wish Listr
Shy - Shylands

Word of the day
Standard - a level of quality or attainment

Video killed the radio star

Radio Interview
We had our first ever radio interview today! Niall at Queens Radio talked to us this afternoon, which was great. Thanks Niall! It was quite a new experience for us, hopefully it got the project some good publicity. We’re really keen to get some press off the web as well and we’ve had […]

Most popular words, interesting words and websites we like

We thought we’d do a quick report on some of the words that have been redefined so far.
Most popular words


Interesting words


Some websites we like


Word of the day
Reckoning - The act of counting or computing

Use our new word widget to show off your word

We’ve had a few requests for the ability to add your word to your website or blog so we’ve developed a widget to allow this.
Just include the following Javascript code where you want your word to appear. Just replace MY_WORD with your word.
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
Your word will look something like this:

Word of the day
Rotundity - […]