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2008 April

Creative use of words

We stumbled upon this site through the word ‘Zephyr‘. KC Dyer has come up with a neat way of having fun with her words. She has made cool little sentences on her blog using the words she has purchased.

We love stuff like this. Anyone else done anything creative with their words?
Remember you […]

Meeting the 10,000

We search through all the redefined words at The Big Word Project to see what interesting sites are out there and the new definition of the word caught our eye. It’s a really interesting project called 10,000 People by Arlan, where she is raising money to launch a magazine, and she is doing […]

Can you hear us pumping out your stereo?

We were lunchtime guests today on UTV’s U105 radio station with Lynda Bryans. The interview went really well so thanks to Lynda and the team. Exciting stuff getting on the radio!

Word of the day

Radiogenic - Suitable for broadcasting by radio

Huffington Post writeup

Thanks to Jenny Block who gave us a good writeup on The Big Word Project in The Huffington Post. Read the article.

Word of the day

Block - a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more flat or approximately flat faces