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Meeting the 10,000

Meeting the 10,000

We search through all the redefined words at The Big Word Project to see what interesting sites are out there and the new definition of the word caught our eye. It’s a really interesting project called 10,000 People by Arlan, where she is raising money to launch a magazine, and she is doing it by meeting 10,000 people in person!

Ten Thousand People

What a great idea! It’s a really interesting social experiment, imagine the range of people she is going to meet with this experiment! Arlan is accepting donations at and you can also get really nice ‘World Citizen‘ Tshirts there. I just bought one, looking forward to it coming!

So check out the site and support Arlan in her quest to meet 10,00 people!

Word of the day

Meet - to join at an agreed or designated place or time

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