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Go Outside!

Go Outside!

The guys behind redefined the word ‘Outside‘ to point to their really sweet site. Paddy has fallen in love with their little pully tab thingy. It’s so much fun to pull it out and watch it spring back. Go on, have a go!

Outside Source

Apart from the hours of fun supplied by the springy tab, the site is also really well laid out and you can find information on their projects and services really quickly. They also have a great video showcasing what they do and proclaiming their matra ‘Go Outside’. In fact Paddy is going to take their advice and go to the park right now!

Great site guys!

Word of the day

Outside - the space without or beyond an enclosure, institution, boundary.

4 Responses to “Go Outside!”

  1. Whatever you do, do NOT pull the tab to the left of the logo. : )

  2. Ah, I’ve now just failed my Masters…

    Thanks! Ha Ha

  3. The tabs idea is really sweet. Go to About us > People and pull the tabs across the photos of each person. Nice site!

  4. Beautiful design, great interactivity. Love the pull tab concept. Stumbled it. Great job!!!

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