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‘Plain’ for all to see

‘Plain’ for all to see

Here’s another great site submitted to The Big Word Project.  The new definition of the word ‘Plain‘, is, the portfolio site for Sean Salmon.  Sean describes himself as an “Interaction Designer, Creative Technologist, and recovering Architect” and his work is fantastic!

His projects are fascinating and range from social experiments to architectural designs.  We especially like the Little Brother, Dollar,  and Turno projects.  We got a giggle out of the Dirty Colours project as well because we’re geeky, immature web designers. :-)


As we are all about the simplistic design here at The Big Word Project, is a shining testament to simple design.  His navigation system on his homepage is really unique and his lack of unneccesary clutter allows his impressive work to speak for itself.  It is quite appropriate that his site is the new definition of the word ‘Plain‘.  Have a look through his projects and be inspired!

Word of the day

Plain - with little or no embellishment, decoration, or enhancing elaboration.

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