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What…awesome word! Chris Gregori chose to redefine the word Awesomeness with his portfolio site No longer does the word mean the quality of being awesome, but it now points to a very talented illustrator’s body of work.

Chris Gregori

Chris, a freelance illustrator and musician has made a lot of work for some pretty big names, including one of Paddy’s favourite bands, Arcade Fire. Some of his postcard designs are great, well worth a look and you can purchase them at his Etsy store. You can also follow his blog to find out about his latest work and what he’s up to.

It’s really hard to work ‘awesomeness‘ into a sentence…er…Chris’s website is the epitome of awesomeness. How about that?

Word of the day

Awesomeness - the quality of being awesome.

3 Responses to “Awesomeness!”

  1. Chris, Love your work and Love your Awesomeness! Great designs! What a fun website.

  2. Really good word to use for a link.
    I think that countless teens and twens would really love to buy this word for their own myspace page.

  3. Hi Chris…now we know how you should address Sarah: Your awesomeness! Here! Here!
    P.S. Nice work!!!!!

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