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An ‘Obscure’ site

An ‘Obscure’ site

The word ‘Obscured‘ was redefined today and now points to Obscure Inq.

“Obscure Inq is the webring of seven writers, who claimed the seven days of the week as their own. Each day, one of the seven updates, making your week brighter and more exciting. So read up and watch your mood soar and productivity plummet!Every day entertainment for the everyday stiff.”

What an intriguing idea! What better way to get a wide variety of content everyday? And with a schedule like this you can follow your favourite writer on his/her particular day.

Obscure Inq

Obscure Inq is an intersting approach to Mass collaboration, a concept which greatly inspired us for The Big Word Project, so check it out if you want to ‘watch your mood soar and productivity plummet’, which we do everyday :-)

Word of the day

Everyday - of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions.

3 Responses to “An ‘Obscure’ site”

  1. I’m really glad you guys like our little ‘webring!’ We put a lotta work into it!

    Thanks for the blog mention, it made my day. Keep on redefining our language!


  2. Suggestion: In addition to showing recent words that have been redefined, it would be very interesting to see what words people are searching on — either looking for the new definition or seeing if it’s available to define. Bet that would be cool/interesting/fun. Sorta like the search engines’ “What people are searching for” dealio. Thanks, Bill

  3. @Bill
    Thanks Bill, we’ll keep this in mind for future posts

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