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BBC World Service

BBC World Service

You can hear our lovely dulcet tones on the Outlook show on the BBC World Service!

Thanks to Matthew, Philippa and all the team who interviewed us.  Check out Lee’s John Motson Impression below.



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Outlook - the place from which an observer looks out; lookout.

4 Responses to “BBC World Service”

  1. Any chance you’d set up a twitter feed. (What is wrong with my brain, but it would be a kick to see twitter posts of words as they are purchased.) Best wishes to you. Very creative.

  2. @Cheryl

    We have a twitter feed following the project already. It follows any press we get, interesting sites submitted, any blog posts, site updates and other stuff.

    We also have an RSS feed following what words are sold if you need your daily word fix :-)

  3. Hi guys, just got passed your site and I think its a bloody brilliant off the wall idea.

    Would love to know how you eventually decided on the concept (pints where involved in the process im sure) and agreed to go ahead! (Apologies for not digging deeper at the moment havent delved into previous posts as yet).

    Big Grats in the 5000th word sold, and as a consumer experiement it must be surprising who purchases what names, will follow it definately.

  4. Hi Justin,

    Well pints are always involved with us :-)

    It was a university ‘mini’ project though and we never thought it would take off the way it did, pretty much taking over our lives!

    Yeah we’re really intrigued at the different words purchased and where they link to. We’re working on visualizing that data to display how the project has progressed.

    Thanks for the message!

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