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Good Morning Ulster

Good Morning Ulster

BBC Radio Ulster

We had a spot on the local radio station BBC Radio Ulster this morning on the Good Morning Ulster show with Wendy and Seamus. We were only on for a few minutes but the radio spot seems to have done the job as we’ve had a lot of local websites on today. Thanks guys!

Listen to us

You can listen to the show here (Thursday’s show and we’re on in the last 5 minutes. This will probably only stay up for 1 week).


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3 Responses to “Good Morning Ulster”

  1. Good to hear you on this morning.

    So to ask a follow-up questions to Wendy’s this morning - have you actually had to revoke/refund any words yet that were pointing to inappropriate websites?

  2. @Alan in Belfast
    Yes but not that many, only a couple that were linking to pornography sites. The users were offered a choice of a refund or to change their link. To be honest we thought we’d have more “inappropriate” sites but it’s good to see people are keeping it clean :-)

  3. Maybe the internet will eventually grow up!

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