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2008 May

4,000 redefined words and counting!

We’ve reached 4,000 redefined words! Thank you so much everybody for making this project work! We really appreciate all your support, we couldn’t have had the success so far without everyone who has bought words and blogged about us.

Special thanks to the purchaser of word number 4,000 who redefined ‘Luggage‘.
We look forward to […]

‘Plain’ for all to see

Here’s another great site submitted to The Big Word Project.  The new definition of the word ‘Plain‘, is, the portfolio site for Sean Salmon.  Sean describes himself as an “Interaction Designer, Creative Technologist, and recovering Architect” and his work is fantastic!

His projects are fascinating and range from social experiments to architectural designs.  We especially […]

Go Outside!

The guys behind redefined the word ‘Outside‘ to point to their really sweet site. Paddy has fallen in love with their little pully tab thingy. It’s so much fun to pull it out and watch it spring back. Go on, have a go!

Apart from the hours of fun supplied by the […]

Calling all single nerds

Find, your, dorky, matchmaker, matchmaking, relationship, personals, romance, nerds and matching all mean one thing. Find Your Geek is a dating website dedicated to nerds searching for their true love who shares their interests in Star Trek, comic books, CSS or whatever it may be. Paddy is sourcing dates as we speak!

Word of the day
Trekkie […]

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