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2008 June

Red Crates

The red crate.
You’ll probably pass a couple today without noticing.
But once you notice them, they’re everywhere!Red crates are a practical, functional part of our lifes.
They are being used daily, as milk crates — the high ones, delivering milk for our latte’s — or as ‘bread pans’ […]

University of Ulster Degree Show

The Big Word Project Display
This week we have been exhibiting our work over the past semester in our University. It’s been great being able to show off our work in a gallery setting as our stuff is usually all online and a lot of people in the art community do not get to see […]

A short interview

While attending the Web 2.0 Marketing seminar today, Mairin recorded us for her Qik site. Check out the video below. (Yes, Lee is standing on a box)

Word of the day
Streaming - a technology for transferring data so that it can be received and processed in a steady stream.

We are speaking.

We are speaking at the Silicon Ireland conference in Dublin on the 26th June!
This event will have a range of speakers offering advice to start-ups seeking seed or “Angel” funding and how to get it. There will also be the chance for 4 businesses to pitch their ideas to the assembled delegates.
There will be ample […]

The end of boring gift ideas has arrived…

So it’s your dad’s birthday, or better yet it’s Father’s Day (as it’s upon us). You don’t want to get him the usual slippers or socks, so what other presents could you go for?
Fresh Trend
Fresh Trend have redefined the word presents with their website/blog about unusual gift ideas. “We’ve got the latest cool stuff in […]