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University of Ulster Degree Show

University of Ulster Degree Show

The Big Word Project Display

This week we have been exhibiting our work over the past semester in our University. It’s been great being able to show off our work in a gallery setting as our stuff is usually all online and a lot of people in the art community do not get to see it.


We created a wall piece [above] resembling the layout of The Big Word Project site and also had a computer showing the website 24/7. People have actually been coming up and buying words here, which was cool! We made some little concertinas [below] to give out to people, explaining a bit about each of us and the project.


Nursery Rhymes

There is a whole host of other fascinating work on display with ours including Jeannie Johnston’s really cool work on the dark side of nursery rhymes.



Jenna Roddy [redefinition of nerd] is also displaying her visualisation work, ‘fly‘, an image showing the flight destinations from Dublin Airport.


Disability Heroes

Kyle Boyd’s Disability Heroes [redefinition of superheroes] has also been a big hit at the degree show with his larger than life size cut out of Dakota Sharpe. Check out his fantastic movie trailer which has been on display at the gallery space all week.


Thanks to the University of Ulster and our lecturers for all their support.

Word of the day

Concertina - to fold, crush together, or collapse in the manner of a concertina.

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