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Red Crates

Red Crates

The red crate.
You’ll probably pass a couple today without noticing.
But once you notice them, they’re everywhere!Red crates are a practical, functional part of our lifes.
They are being used daily, as milk crates — the high ones, delivering milk for our latte’s — or as ‘bread pans’ — the flat ones, delivering bread for our toast — but, in fact they can contain anything.

An extract from, the new definition of ‘crate‘, which is a site dedicated to the discovery of Red Crates everywhere. This simple idea, inspired by Findo’s Red Crates Project, really intrigued us and we are now on the search for red crates around Belfast. We’ll post any pics we get on this blog post.

Red Crates

Great little site, we love simple, well executed, quirky ideas like this. That’s what the internet is all about! :-)

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