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2008 July

Eat up those bills

Lower your bills with Billeater - a blog with useful tips for lowering your bills and expenses in life.
Word of the day
Crunch - to tighten or squeeze financially

Dirty tees from New Orleans

Dirty Shirts - Nice New Orleans Shirts, an online business selling groovy, funny and fun tees (and at a decent price). Nice product and great site!

Word of the day
Spotless - free from any spot, stain, etc.; immaculately clean

‘Word-wide web’ - Featured in Web Designer magazine

TBWP was featured in this months Web Designer magazine (issue 146). w00t!

Word of the day
Yippee -  an exclamation used to express joy

Wordee number 1 - Nifty

Greetings Internet!
I have finally found an internet cafe that allows you to plug in a camera. So here is interview with Wordee number 1!
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Wordee - Koen Van der Auwera
Word - Nifty
Website -

Koen (later discovered to be pronounced ‘koon’) was a fantastic wordee! […]

Odd words - what do they mean?

Since we launched TBWP we’ve came across a load of weird words, words that we’d never heard of, and it’s really interesting to see people redefining these words.
So here’s a list of 5 obscure words we picked out. See if you can use them in a sentence at some stage today
1. Tmesis - […]

Order your takeaways with ease in Belfast

If you’re like us then you’re constantly in front of your computer with no time to think about cooking. So what could be more useful than a handy online takeaway service?
Nifty Nosh
Introducing Nifty Nosh - “The quick and easy way to order quality takeaway food online.”
Nifty Nosh have redefined takeaway with their relatively new takeaway […]

The Big Word Project on Tour

Greetings wordees! (word owners)
I have embarked on a mission to meet as many wordees as possible around Europe.  In an effort to find out more about why you guys bought a word, why you chose that word and how it has changed your lives I will be having little interviews with you guys.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube […]