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Odd words - what do they mean?

Odd words - what do they mean?

Since we launched TBWP we’ve came across a load of weird words, words that we’d never heard of, and it’s really interesting to see people redefining these words.

So here’s a list of 5 obscure words we picked out. See if you can use them in a sentence at some stage today ;-)

1. Tmesis - the interpolation of one or more words between the parts of a compound word


2. Zoomorphic - of or pertaining to a deity or other being conceived of as having the form of an animal


3. Esoteric - understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest


4. Bijou - a jewel


5. Kimono -  loose, wide-sleeved robe, fastened at the waist with a wide sash


Word of the day

Peculiar -  strange; queer; odd

2 Responses to “Odd words - what do they mean?”

  1. Too bad i didnt come across this blog before. Great stuff you got here. Thanks.

  2. I think that these words are really cool , I hope that you will come across even more I love these, maybe some harder ones too. Thanx for your help

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