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‘Word-wide web’ - Featured in Web Designer magazine

‘Word-wide web’ - Featured in Web Designer magazine

TBWP was featured in this months Web Designer magazine (issue 146). w00t!


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5 Responses to “‘Word-wide web’ - Featured in Web Designer magazine”

  1. Hard to get your hands on a copy in Florence though! Will have to wait till I get back. Got a few more interviews from Belgium, Germany, Holland and Croatia. Will be uploading them soon.

    Ok back to my margheritas….

  2. Margheritas Paddy? Shouldn’t you be working?

  3. Hey, what’s your advice for getting the word out on your service to the media? Noticed that you’d been getting quite a lot of good coverage. Thanks

  4. @Shen
    Hey Shen, marketing starts with the idea. If the idea is unusual, unique or remarkable then people (&media) will talk about it. That’s what we were hoping for with TBWP.

    After that, just promote it in the right way. Write a good press release (or get someone to do it for you). Start by targeting specific audiences (e.g. blogs on employment, local media) and then hopefully it will filter out. Good luck

  5. This is where I discovered TBWP and only then did I realise that you guys come from Northern Ireland as well! Superb! Our wee country and all that, haha!

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