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The Big iTunes Giveaway, buy names & places, how popular is your word?

The Big iTunes Giveaway, buy names & places, how popular is your word?

iTunes Giveaway

Have a $50 iTunes Voucher On Us

Competition TimeWe really do appreciate your contribution to TBWP so to say thanks we’re giving away 4 iTunes vouchers to word owners. Simply tell us your reason for buying your word and we will pick 4 random winners who will each get a $50 iTunes voucher. How lucky are you guys?

Buy Your Names, Countries, Towns and Cities

Buy Your NameIn an effort to cope with the hundreds of emails we receive for word requests, we’ve decided to allow you to purchase your countries, cities and even your own name! You simply search for your word and if it’s not already in the database then you can add it. Simple.

Euro Tour

Euro TourPaddy has spent the last few weeks touring around Europe meeting some Wordees in various locations including Antwerp, Cologne, Amsterdam, Croatia and Paris. He conducted little video interviews with them over a variety of beers, finding out what words they redefined, why they bought their words and how TBWP has changed their lives! He is uploading them to the blog. Check them out to find out why one barmaid thought he was on a blind date and to discover who is the nicest guy in Belgium.

How Popular Is Your Word?

StatsWe get tons of requests to see what the most popular words on TBWP are so we have added a Stats page which shows the most popular words. Use our widget to help get your word up the list.

Just include the following Javascript code where you want your word to appear. Replace MY_WORD with your word.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Share with friends

That’s it for now, some huge updates. Don’t forget to share your word and TBWP with friends. The support to date has been phenomenal so thanks a bunch.

Word of the day

Giveaway -  an act or instance of giving something away

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