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Wordee Number 6 - Francophile

Wordee Number 6 - Francophile

Meeting a Francophile in Paris…hungover :-\

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Wordee Pamela

Hungover in Paris

Oh god I am dying.  Thank God I arranged to meet Pamela in the evening.  It was a heavy one last night with a load of Irish guys, very messy indeed.  So anyway, I got to meet Pamela in Paris and we decided to go to a wee wine bar down a nice dark alleyway [The sun was hurting my eyes] in the Latin quarter for a pint or two.  Pamela was great!  Pamela is a kind of Internet celebrity, featuring in her own comic strip ‘Geeks in Love‘. It’s pretty much a measuring stick for geekiness.  If you laugh i’m afraid you too sir are a geek :)

Geeks in Love

I’ve never before or since met such a self confessed francophile.  Pamela has been living in France for a few years now and loves everything about it.  We had great chats about all things French, from the language to customs.  (I made the mistake of ordering a drink at the bar, apparently you have to wait for the barmaid to come to you.)  We took a wee look at politics, the Internet culture and then got on to the real important stuff.  Eddie Izzard!  There’s a certain sparkle that people get in their eyes when the find another eddieizzardite, followed by a round of ‘covered in bees’, ‘cake or death’ and ‘death star canteen’ talk.

Wordee Pamela Poole

Thanks Pam

Pam blogged about out little meetup on her Frog Blog.  She called me ‘adorable’, aw  :”)  Pam is an absolute legend on the internet, spinning a lot of blog plates simultaneously, but still having time to buy a whole heap of words on The Big Word Project.

I totally forgot that Low Rider was playing in the background of our interview.  How much cooler does that make it? :)

Was great meeting up with you Pam, hope to run into you again someday, maybe when Im not so hungover :p

2 Responses to “Wordee Number 6 - Francophile”

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  2. Well, you are adorable, don’t fight it.

    Thank you for this great post! I am hardly a celebrity. It’s an illusion. But I have noticed that people who see their own names all over the Internet often do start to think they are celebrities…

    And I must point out that a version of me may co-star in the Geeks In Love, but I’m not the artist! It’s my beloved Frenchman:

    It was lovely meeting you! Congratulations and best of luck with your great project. Be sure to let me know when you’re next in Paris!


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