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How to Start a Narrative Essay

How to Start a Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are those that tell stories. They allow students to express their creativity through the combination of words and emotions. However, not all students can express everything in writing. They’re probably better when showing their artistic side in other ways. Hence, some may find it hard writing narrative types of essay. There’s no need to worry if you’re one of these students. Here, we have compiled a list of guidelines that you can use when writing a narrative essay.

1.      Choose a topic that is based on personal experiences. When choosing a topic, it would be better to pull out inspiration from things that happened to your personally. You can actually write about other people’s experience. However, writing about yours will make things easier. You can describe the events and your feelings better.

2.      Go straight to the point, but make your essay exciting. Don’t add too much unnecessary information. You can use long descriptions, but make sure that they are still related to your story. Nothing beats an essay that goes straight to the point. Still, however, entice your reader with a little excitement.

3.      Describe the setting of the story and exemplify emotions. This is to further create a picture into your readers’ mind. Make them feel like they are in the story. Take them to that event you’re describing in your essay.

4.      Ensure that your story has a relevant message or a moral lesson. Of course, your main target is still to create an impact on your readers’ lives. Thus, you need to make sure that your story has a moral lesson – something that would leave them pondering on their thoughts.

Essay Basics thinks that narrative essays are actually easy to write if you know where and how to start. Likewise, if you know how play with words and describe fully the story you’re trying to tell.

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