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Fifty Thousand Shirts

We came across a fantastic project recently called ‘Fifty Thousand Shirts‘.
On Monday, May 19, one week after the quake, reports surfaced estimating that 50,000 lives would be lost in this tragedy—our vision is hope. One by one, fifty thousand hand drawn tally marks create the “x” on your shirt, each one representing a life that […]

Feed the 5,000

You guys have redefined 5,000 words! Great stuff! We really appreciate all the support you have given us

Number 5,000 was ‘Sharable‘ and links to Need it Take it, a sharing site for things you no longer need/want.

Thanks Need it Take it!
Word of the day
Need - a requirement, necessary duty, or […]

4,000 redefined words and counting!

We’ve reached 4,000 redefined words! Thank you so much everybody for making this project work! We really appreciate all your support, we couldn’t have had the success so far without everyone who has bought words and blogged about us.

Special thanks to the purchaser of word number 4,000 who redefined ‘Luggage‘.
We look forward to […]

Can you hear us pumping out your stereo?

We were lunchtime guests today on UTV’s U105 radio station with Lynda Bryans. The interview went really well so thanks to Lynda and the team. Exciting stuff getting on the radio!

Word of the day

Radiogenic - Suitable for broadcasting by radio

Raccoons and other great sites

First of all Happy belated St Paddy’s day! Hope you all celebrated in style. Here’s a glimpse of what we got up to. We’re still recovering… And yes Paddy’s beard is green.

We look through all the websites submitted to The Big Word Project and here are a few that have caught […]

Video killed the radio star

Radio Interview
We had our first ever radio interview today! Niall at Queens Radio talked to us this afternoon, which was great. Thanks Niall! It was quite a new experience for us, hopefully it got the project some good publicity. We’re really keen to get some press off the web as well and we’ve had […]

Digg us!

We’ve just added a Digg button on our footer.  Digg us and spread the word!
Paddy and Lee

Interesting tidbits after 4 days

Once again thanks to all buyers and bloggers. The site wouldn’t be a success without you guys, we really appreciate it.
We can’t believe how much traffic after just 3 days.

Our visitor count exploded to over 11,000 yesterday after the site appeared on Daring Fireball! It’s just incredible, hopefully it will keep on going […]

What a morning

We awoke this morning at 5am to find our email inboxes completely inundated with emails. Daring Fireball mentioned our site this morning and so many people have visited the site and bought words! Thank you so much everyone!
A few of the companies we really admire have bought some words.
Some examples

37 Signals - […]

Daring Fireball we love you!

We just want to extend a huge thanks to John Gruber for mentioning our project on Daring Fireball.
We’ve been getting an amazing amount of traffic on the site since this morning, with so many people buying up words.
Thanks so much again for the coverage! If you have been emailing us, please bear with us as […]

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