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‘Word-wide web’ - Featured in Web Designer magazine

TBWP was featured in this months Web Designer magazine (issue 146). w00t!

Word of the day
Yippee -  an exclamation used to express joy

A short interview

While attending the Web 2.0 Marketing seminar today, Mairin recorded us for her Qik site. Check out the video below. (Yes, Lee is standing on a box)

Word of the day
Streaming - a technology for transferring data so that it can be received and processed in a steady stream.

Good Morning Ulster

BBC Radio Ulster
We had a spot on the local radio station BBC Radio Ulster this morning on the Good Morning Ulster show with Wendy and Seamus. We were only on for a few minutes but the radio spot seems to have done the job as we’ve had a lot of local websites on today. Thanks […]

BBC World Service

You can hear our lovely dulcet tones on the Outlook show on the BBC World Service!
Thanks to Matthew, Philippa and all the team who interviewed us.  Check out Lee’s John Motson Impression below.

Word of the day
Outlook - the place from which an observer looks out; lookout.

Can you hear us pumping out your stereo?

We were lunchtime guests today on UTV’s U105 radio station with Lynda Bryans. The interview went really well so thanks to Lynda and the team. Exciting stuff getting on the radio!

Word of the day

Radiogenic - Suitable for broadcasting by radio

Huffington Post writeup

Thanks to Jenny Block who gave us a good writeup on The Big Word Project in The Huffington Post. Read the article.

Word of the day

Block - a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more flat or approximately flat faces

Irish News video interview

Aislinn Hagan interviewed us for The Irish News video player on Friday (28th March 2008).
This was our first video interview so was great fun to do and we think it’s came together really well.
You can check out the video here.

Word of the day
Interview -an occasion on which a journalist or broadcaster puts a series of […]

The Big Word Project featured in The News Letter

Page 5 of today’s (27th March 2008) paper features an article on The Big Word Project. The News Letter is another local paper to pick up on the project and we’re very thankful for their support.
You can check out the article here.
Word of the day
Newsletter - a bulletin issued periodically to those in a particular […]

Project featured in Irish News

Simon Doyle has featured us in The Irish News education section on Monday 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day). Click the thumbnail below to read the article. Thanks Simon.

Word of the day
Googol - Equivalent to ten raised to the power of a hundred

Interview with Belfast Beat magazine

We were interviewed by Mary McCaffrey from The Beat, “Belfast’s longest running and best loved free entertainments magazine”. It was a pleasure talking to Mary and we appreciate the magazine’s support.
Read the article by clicking it below or you can read the full magazine.

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