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Interesting Words

Helping animal shelters around the world

A useful site that came out of a recent startup weekend was My Shelter Helper. Their aim: to help animal shelters around the world (who take care abandoned pets) to get an online presence for no cost. Great idea and nice site!
Word of the day
Rescues -  To set free, as from danger or imprisonment; save

Only websites have the answer

An interesting project we came across (which perhaps we may have inspired) is QueryBox, a website listing questions (or queries) so when you ask who, what, where, when, how or why, a website will be your answer.
Worth a look, although they couldn’t answer our query.

Words of The President

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With an upcoming presidential election the candidates have been receiving their ’support’ from TBWP.
McCain, Palin, Tired
Socialist, President, Imp, Elect, Charlatan
So going by TBWP to date, Obama’s looking good.
Even the current President of the United States has a lot of support from TBWP
Bush, Douche, Fail, Idiot, Moron, Wanker, Lies, […]

Gadgets and technology from around the world

Gadgettastic is a blog that lists and writes reviews on the latest cool and unusual device.
Some interesting gadgets reviewed include a Innespace Seabreacher personal submarine, disposable bic mobile phones and of course, the iPhone.
Check out this useless but yet cool iPhone beer app.

Word of the day

App - an application; application program

Virb - MySpace done right

Welcome to Virb, owners of the word verb. Virb is a place that lets you put all the things that make you - photos, videos, blogs - in one place.
It’s basically a similar application to MySpace but a much nicer and friendlier version.

Word of the day

Adjective - any member of a class of words that […]

Eat up those bills

Lower your bills with Billeater - a blog with useful tips for lowering your bills and expenses in life.
Word of the day
Crunch - to tighten or squeeze financially

Dirty tees from New Orleans

Dirty Shirts - Nice New Orleans Shirts, an online business selling groovy, funny and fun tees (and at a decent price). Nice product and great site!

Word of the day
Spotless - free from any spot, stain, etc.; immaculately clean

Odd words - what do they mean?

Since we launched TBWP we’ve came across a load of weird words, words that we’d never heard of, and it’s really interesting to see people redefining these words.
So here’s a list of 5 obscure words we picked out. See if you can use them in a sentence at some stage today
1. Tmesis - […]

Order your takeaways with ease in Belfast

If you’re like us then you’re constantly in front of your computer with no time to think about cooking. So what could be more useful than a handy online takeaway service?
Nifty Nosh
Introducing Nifty Nosh - “The quick and easy way to order quality takeaway food online.”
Nifty Nosh have redefined takeaway with their relatively new takeaway […]

Red Crates

The red crate.
You’ll probably pass a couple today without noticing.
But once you notice them, they’re everywhere!Red crates are a practical, functional part of our lifes.
They are being used daily, as milk crates — the high ones, delivering milk for our latte’s — or as ‘bread pans’ […]

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