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Interesting Words

The end of boring gift ideas has arrived…

So it’s your dad’s birthday, or better yet it’s Father’s Day (as it’s upon us). You don’t want to get him the usual slippers or socks, so what other presents could you go for?
Fresh Trend
Fresh Trend have redefined the word presents with their website/blog about unusual gift ideas. “We’ve got the latest cool stuff in […]

Some of the most searched for words

Some of the words that have been searched for the most on The Big Word Project.
Singular [Airbag Industries]

Sex [Big Fat Hairy Living]

Apple [Kismac]

Blog [aka Mike]

Idiot [George W. Bush]

Word of the day
Presidential -  Of or pertaining to a president or presidency

An ‘Obscure’ site

The word ‘Obscured‘ was redefined today and now points to Obscure Inq.
“Obscure Inq is the webring of seven writers, who claimed the seven days of the week as their own. Each day, one of the seven updates, making your week brighter and more exciting. So read up and watch your mood soar and productivity plummet!Every […]

Great use of photography

We’ve had a lot of websites submitted associated with photography; professional photographers, amateur photographers, flickr accounts, stock photography or just great photos used throughout websites. Here’s a select few that we like.
Winter [Humber Valley Resort]

Edible [iStockPhoto member ideabug ]

Environments [Bob O’Connor]

Vehicle [Josh Mackey]

Photojournalist [Crispin Rodwell]

Lakers [Vaguely Artistic’s L.A. Lakers photos on Flickr]

Word of the day
Telephoto […]

Television rules the nation

Here’s a few words which have been redefined to popular tv shows! We’re particularly big fans of a few of them so thought we would share them with you all.
Skins [Skins]

Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–19 year-old friends. A fantastic ‘no holds barred’ show which is one of the […]

Hello Finland!

Interactions now points to, a design company based in Finland. Nordkapp ‘create contemporary brand interactions and innovations, seizing on those special moments that happen in the constant dialogue between people, brands and technology.’ Quite a mouthful you might say but these guys do everything from interaction, graphic and web design to interior […]


What…awesome word! Chris Gregori chose to redefine the word Awesomeness with his portfolio site No longer does the word mean the quality of being awesome, but it now points to a very talented illustrator’s body of work.

Chris, a freelance illustrator and musician has made a lot of work for some pretty […]

‘Plain’ for all to see

Here’s another great site submitted to The Big Word Project.  The new definition of the word ‘Plain‘, is, the portfolio site for Sean Salmon.  Sean describes himself as an “Interaction Designer, Creative Technologist, and recovering Architect” and his work is fantastic!

His projects are fascinating and range from social experiments to architectural designs.  We especially […]

Go Outside!

The guys behind redefined the word ‘Outside‘ to point to their really sweet site. Paddy has fallen in love with their little pully tab thingy. It’s so much fun to pull it out and watch it spring back. Go on, have a go!

Apart from the hours of fun supplied by the […]

Calling all single nerds

Find, your, dorky, matchmaker, matchmaking, relationship, personals, romance, nerds and matching all mean one thing. Find Your Geek is a dating website dedicated to nerds searching for their true love who shares their interests in Star Trek, comic books, CSS or whatever it may be. Paddy is sourcing dates as we speak!

Word of the day
Trekkie […]

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