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The Big Word Project is redefining words. Search for your word and link it to your website. Your website is then the new definition. Simple. Want to know more?

The end of boring gift ideas has arrived…

So it’s your dad’s birthday, or better yet it’s Father’s Day (as it’s upon us). You don’t want to get him the usual slippers or socks, so what other presents could you go for?

Fresh Trend

Fresh Trend have redefined the word presents with their website/blog about unusual gift ideas. “We’ve got the latest cool stuff in gadgets, fashion, entertainment, design and a bunch of other unique gift ideas.”


There’s a lot of useful ideas and a lot of novel ideas on the site. Check out the To-Do Tattoo and the Wooden Clock.



Word of the day

Novelties -  articles of trade whose value is chiefly decorative, comic, or the like and whose appeal is often transitory

Good Morning Ulster

BBC Radio Ulster

We had a spot on the local radio station BBC Radio Ulster this morning on the Good Morning Ulster show with Wendy and Seamus. We were only on for a few minutes but the radio spot seems to have done the job as we’ve had a lot of local websites on today. Thanks guys!

Listen to us

You can listen to the show here (Thursday’s show and we’re on in the last 5 minutes. This will probably only stay up for 1 week).


Word of the day

Broadcaster - a person or organization, as a network or station, that broadcasts radio or television programs

Fifty Thousand Shirts

We came across a fantastic project recently called ‘Fifty Thousand Shirts‘.

On Monday, May 19, one week after the quake, reports surfaced estimating that 50,000 lives would be lost in this tragedy—our vision is hope. One by one, fifty thousand hand drawn tally marks create the “x” on your shirt, each one representing a life that has passed, and connecting it with a life that has committed to help rebuild. Your shirt is a symbol how one person, multiplied 50,000 times, can do something amazing.

Each shirt will be individually numbered and all involved will have their names recorded on the Wall. You can be a part of something important. You can be hope.

Fifty Thousand Shirts

The project is a great idea and for such a great cause! The site is really simply designed, something we really love here at The Big Word Project. We snapped up some shirts straight away, check it out below. We would encourage everyone to check out the site and sign up to this great cause!

Fifty Thousand Shirts

Some Updates

Since posting this we have discovered their video below

You can Digg the project here and there’s also a Facebook group for Fifty housand Shirts. We wish Steve all the best with his project!

Word of the day

Shirt - a long or short-sleeved garment for the upper part of the body, usually lightweight and having a collar and a front opening.

BBC World Service

You can hear our lovely dulcet tones on the Outlook show on the BBC World Service!

Thanks to Matthew, Philippa and all the team who interviewed us.  Check out Lee’s John Motson Impression below.



Word of the day

Outlook - the place from which an observer looks out; lookout.

Feed the 5,000

You guys have redefined 5,000 words! Great stuff! We really appreciate all the support you have given us :-)

5,000 Words

Number 5,000 was ‘Sharable‘ and links to Need it Take it, a sharing site for things you no longer need/want.

Need It

Thanks Need it Take it!

Word of the day

Need - a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation.

Some of the most searched for words

Some of the words that have been searched for the most on The Big Word Project.

Singular [Airbag Industries]


Sex [Big Fat Hairy Living]


Apple [Kismac]


Blog [aka Mike]


Idiot [George W. Bush]


Word of the day

Presidential -  Of or pertaining to a president or presidency

An ‘Obscure’ site

The word ‘Obscured‘ was redefined today and now points to Obscure Inq.

“Obscure Inq is the webring of seven writers, who claimed the seven days of the week as their own. Each day, one of the seven updates, making your week brighter and more exciting. So read up and watch your mood soar and productivity plummet!Every day entertainment for the everyday stiff.”

What an intriguing idea! What better way to get a wide variety of content everyday? And with a schedule like this you can follow your favourite writer on his/her particular day.

Obscure Inq

Obscure Inq is an intersting approach to Mass collaboration, a concept which greatly inspired us for The Big Word Project, so check it out if you want to ‘watch your mood soar and productivity plummet’, which we do everyday :-)

Word of the day

Everyday - of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions.

Great use of photography

We’ve had a lot of websites submitted associated with photography; professional photographers, amateur photographers, flickr accounts, stock photography or just great photos used throughout websites. Here’s a select few that we like.

Winter [Humber Valley Resort]


Edible [iStockPhoto member ideabug ]


Environments [Bob O’Connor]


Vehicle [Josh Mackey]


Photojournalist [Crispin Rodwell]


Lakers [Vaguely Artistic’s L.A. Lakers photos on Flickr]


Word of the day

Telephoto - noting or pertaining to telephotography

Television rules the nation

Here’s a few words which have been redefined to popular tv shows! We’re particularly big fans of a few of them so thought we would share them with you all.

Skins [Skins]


Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–19 year-old friends. A fantastic ‘no holds barred’ show which is one of the most realistic representations of the messed up lives of today’s youth, and also a personal favourite of ours. Series 2 has just finished and it has been revealed that they are axing the entire cast for series 3. Bold move but we’ll definitely be tuning in!

Shameless [Shameless]


Shameless is another brilliant show which is side-splittingly funny and tragically dark at the same time. Some amazing characters and twisted plots make this another favourite of ours. Series 5 has recently finished and filming for series 6 has just started, we’re looking forward to seeing Frank and the gang back in action.

Afterworld [Afterworld]


“Welcome to Afterworld on Channel4, a tale of a world trying to recover from a cataclysmic event that has changed life on Earth beyond all recognition. 99% of the population has vanished and all technology has been rendered useless. Russell is going to have to go through hell and back if he is going to be reunited with his family 3000 miles away.” It’s available online so check it out!

BBC Switch [Switch]


BBC Switch is the brand for BBC content aimed at UK teenagers and pre-teens, from ages 12-16. There’s a variety of television and radio shows available on their site. We recently got to see around the headquarters in London courtesy of a mate of ours, Barry (aka Barryoke).

Banzai [Banzai]


Banzai is an amazingly funny show which features characters like Mr Shake Hands Man, who maintains a handshake with a celebrity for as long as possible and Lady One Question who poses as a celebrity reporter, asking a single interview question and then staring silently at the interviewee. Viewers are invited to bet on various things throughout the show. It’s a great show and you can watch some classic episodes on the site.

Sky Showbiz [Showbiz]


Sky Showbiz is your one stop shop for all that showbiz news.

Word of the day

Television - the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves to receivers that project a view of the image on a picture tube.

Hello Finland!

Interactions now points to, a design company based in Finland. Nordkapp ‘create contemporary brand interactions and innovations, seizing on those special moments that happen in the constant dialogue between people, brands and technology.’ Quite a mouthful you might say but these guys do everything from interaction, graphic and web design to interior design and branding.


We particularly like the navigation on their site. It’s one long page and you jump to the different anchored sections, but it’s less of a jump and more of a smooth, romantic boat ride. :-) Their design is really plain, just black and white, but it’s really effective. You can tell they are a high class company, even before you get to their showcase. Some impressive work in there, check it out!

Kiitos Nordkapp!

Word of the day

Interactions - the act or process of interacting.

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