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The Big Word Project is redefining words. Search for your word and link it to your website. Your website is then the new definition. Simple. Want to know more?

Most popular words, interesting words and websites we like

We thought we’d do a quick report on some of the words that have been redefined so far.

Most popular words

  1. Daring
  2. Fireball
  3. Math
  4. History
  5. Apple

Interesting words

  1. Superfluous
  2. Smut
  3. Anthropomorphic
  4. Zyzzva
  5. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Some websites we like

  1. Cruise
  2. Advice
  3. Bold
  4. Barbarian
  5. Raccoon
  6. Question

Word of the day

Reckoning - The act of counting or computing

Use our new word widget to show off your word

We’ve had a few requests for the ability to add your word to your website or blog so we’ve developed a widget to allow this.


Just include the following Javascript code where you want your word to appear. Just replace MY_WORD with your word.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Your word will look something like this:

Word of the day

Rotundity - the condition or quality of roundness or plumpness, as of an object or person

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Paddy and Lee

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Interesting tidbits after 4 days


Once again thanks to all buyers and bloggers. The site wouldn’t be a success without you guys, we really appreciate it.


We can’t believe how much traffic after just 3 days.

Google Analytics

Our visitor count exploded to over 11,000 yesterday after the site appeared on Daring Fireball! It’s just incredible, hopefully it will keep on going up as more and more people spread the word about us.

Word count

We’ve added an active word count to the foot of the page allowing you to stay up-to-date with our progress. As of writing we’re at “1,645 active words and counting“.

Word requests

At the minute we are only including any words in our (Oxford English) Dictionary so no locations or names (as of yet). But send us any suggestions you have, just in case.

Longest word

The longest word that we have to date has been redefined.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - an obscure term ostensibly referring to a lung disease caused by silica dust, sometimes cited as one of the longest words in the English language.

What a morning

We awoke this morning at 5am to find our email inboxes completely inundated with emails. Daring Fireball mentioned our site this morning and so many people have visited the site and bought words! Thank you so much everyone!

A few of the companies we really admire have bought some words.

Some examples

So at the minute we are trying to answer all your emails. Thanks again to everyone who’s bought a word, we’re very excited.

Paddy and Lee

Daring Fireball we love you!

We just want to extend a huge thanks to John Gruber for mentioning our project on Daring Fireball.

We’ve been getting an amazing amount of traffic on the site since this morning, with so many people buying up words.

Thanks so much again for the coverage! If you have been emailing us, please bear with us as we’re currently inundated with emails but we will try and get back to everyone.

Fireball - A ball of flames

Paddy and Lee

Day 2 and we’re going strong

So far so good, we sold 18 words on Tuesday 26th February 2008, bringing our total to 26 words - fantastic! Thanks to everyone who has bought a word so far.

Word of the day

Seismologist - a geophysicist who studies earthquakes and the mechanical characteristics of the Earth.

Have we any Seismologists out there who wish to represent the word?

Buy words for your friends

We’ve introduced the ability to buy words for your friends.

  • Treat a loved one to a word and link it to a photo on Flickr
  • Say thanks to a client by buying a word for their website
  • Link a word to their Myspace, Facebook or Bebo page

On the checkout page simply tick the checkbox that says ‘Tick here if you are buying this word as a gift for someone’, then enter their email address rather than your own. Simple.



The big first day, 8 words gone already

What a first day! We had some great contributions today and they deserve some praise. Ladies and Gentlemen may we present Mr Kyle Boyd, Mr Chris Murphy and Mr Nicklas Persson. They are the first people to buy words on The Big Word Project. How privileged they are.

The First Few

Thanks very much guys, we really appreciate the support! We wont forget you when we sell the last word.

Well it’s really good to see the site finally up and running after all the work. We hope you all enjoy the site.

Paddy and Lee

The Big Word Project is launched - welcome to the blog

Well hello there everyone! Welcome to The Big Word Project, the venture which is redefining words. You pick a word and link it to your website. Your website then becomes the new definition for that word.

The creators

A few introductions are in order. We are Paddy and Lee, two good looking students who have set up this site to allow the world to redefine the English language. We are currently studying a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Design at the University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are web designers by trade and while Lee is currently falling in love with Ruby on Rails, Paddy is researching into Viral Marketing.

The project

You may have heard something about this project already or you may have just stumbled upon it by chance. We don’t mind, we love all our visitors. We are aiming to redefine all the words in the English language, we know that words mean so many different things to everyone so we are giving you the chance to change the definitions. You can buy a word to represent your website and then whenever people click on that word, they will be taken to your site. Simple.

A website about eggs

Say you have a website about eggs, just buy the word ‘Egg’ and then it will no longer mean:

Egg - the roundish reproductive body produced by the female of certain animals, as birds and most reptiles, consisting of an ovum and its envelope of albumen, jelly, membranes, egg case, or shell, according to species.

It will now be represented by your egg site! Want to know more?

Keep in touch and visit our blog regularly

As web designers we will be offering our opinions and tips to you guys via podcasts. We will take a look through the latest sites and tell you what we think of any that catch our eye. We also might blog about interesting words we come across on our travels. There are some mad words out there!

Leucipottomist - A Leucipottomist is someone who takes part in Leucippotomy, the art of carving white horses in chalk upland areas Bet you all knew that eh? Leucipottomy is quite an interesting and rare act but there are some white horses on hillsides out there. The oldest one in the UK is probably the white horse at Uffington in Berkshire, which has been dated, cautiously, to the late Bronze Age.

See, you’re learning something already!

So why not take a look around the site, sign up to our word feed and/or our blog feed and get searching for that word that means something to you. You could even buy Leucippotomy and redefine it!

Have fun!

Paddy and Lee

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